Karrikin Spirits

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All About Karrikin

Karrikin is set to launch their distillery in Fairfax as early as the fall of 2018.  They’re looking at moving into a space in what was the old D&D Metal Supply site on Jonlen Street.  Behind the project are some big names, including:

  • Jeff Hunt who helped launch MadTree
  • Mike Florea, Executive Chef and operating partner of Maribelles Eat+Drink
  • Jeff Reichard, President of Holt & Reichard Inc.
  • Dan Hueber, Owner of The V Collective
  • Mike Powell, former Vice President of operations at Panera Bread
  • John Pattison, creative director at Poject Red
  • One more craft beverage innovator that has yet to be named

They look to turn the space into a distillery/restaurant and from what I’ve heard, a brewery as well.  They hope to create unique profiles within the classic spirit styles, as well as introduce flavors from around the world offering innovate mixed cocktails, hard sodas, non-alcoholic soda and shareable food plates.  In short, it sounds like they’re hoping to create a drinkers paradise.

Stay Tuned… as more information comes out, you’ll find it here!