About The Show

To understand Drinking With The Gnome you have to start with The Gnarly Gnome. I started blogging about Cincinnati beer, and the community that surrounds it on TheGnarlyGnome.com before any of this. From there came Cincy Brewcast, a show about the same topic that I started with my good friend Mike Cisneros. From there… the bug bit hard. I loved podcasting, I loved blogging, I loved connecting drinking culture with people who wanted to do (and understand) things a little differently. The idea for Drinking With The Gnome was born (sort of).

This show is an evolution, always. At it’s core though, it’s an exploration of the culture, the people, the places and the drinks that make drinking in Cincinnati unique to anywhere else in the world.

The show posts weekly every Monday morning (actually, usually late on Sunday so it’s ready bright and early for you to start your week). The topics range all over the place – but it’s always centered around drinking.

Who Am I?

This is even more complicated to answer. I am the Gnarly Gnome. I mean… I’m not really a gnome, I’m a drinker. I fell in love with drinking culture, and the communities around drinking early on – and haven’t been able to shake this need to dive deeper ever since. Some people play golf, some people paint or play chess, I drink.

If you really want to dive deeper into who I am – the only way to do that is to listen to this show (or Cincy Brewcast) or find me out and about having a drink somewhere and sit down for a little while to drink with me.