The Drinkery, Jack Daniels and Michael D Morgan

We had the attention of Michael D Morgan after recording an episode of Cincy Brewcast (you do subscribe to that show too, right?) – and thought that it might be fitting to force him into hanging out for a little while longer so we could pick his brain about The Drinkery, and OTR in general. It’s a part of the city that is known for people’s visiting to drink alcohol – so it’s a fitting place to grab one with the Gnome.

OTR has seen a lot, it sees a lot – and it’s sometimes easy to forget what this part of town was just a few years back. For so much change to happen quickly it’s important to take a step back every once in a while and wonder if it was all for the better. Sure, no one misses the danger – but what else went away when the commercial bars moved in?

If that’s not enough discussion for you – we also threw back a little bit of Jack Daniels, a spirit that none of us had really dove into for a while – and we were pleasantly surprised that you know what? JD is pretty darn tasty when you really try it.

Guests This Week

  • Andy Foltz
  • Michael D Morgan

What’d We Drink?

  • Jack Daniels

Where Were We?

  • The Drinkery, OTR

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