This… Is Drinkng With The Gnome.

I love to drink. I hope that since you’re here you either love to drink too, or are hoping to learn more about drinking to learn to love it more. It’s not just something that we do, it’s an integral part of human society… and because of that I feel that we have an obligation to not just partake in drinking… but to respect and honor it.

Cincinnati is a great drinking city – from the beer to the growing community of distilleries, we’ve got a lot going on. I want to help you not just navigate that world, but dive into it. There’s a lot to learn, and a lot of great people to meet along the way (as well as a lot of amazing things to drink too.

Join me every week do take a peek at what makes Cincinnnati so great to drink in. The show posts late every Sunday night, so it’s ready for you bright and early Monday morning to start your week off right… with a drink.