There are those of us who drink.  We don’t drink because it’s socially preferred, we don’t drink because it’s some sort of special occasion.. we drink because we are drinkers.  Being a drinker is complicated, and becomes even more so as you really dig into the experiences, the beverages, and the history that comes along with it.

Be a better drinker.  I can help.

Cincinnati, Ohio is a drinkers paradise, and becomes more and more so each day that goes by.  This website isn’t here for you to get all the latest news (though you’ll find plenty of that here).  The purpose of Drinking With The Gnome is lift your drinking experience to a new level (whatever that might mean to you).  Use this resource to learn a new place to explore, to find a new favorite beverage, or revisit an old one that you might have forgotten about.  Just be a better drinker.